Website Design Audit Results

After the audit you'll find out whether your website is ready to go or if you need to start from scratch.

Is Your Website Design Move-In Ready or Is it a Complete Gut Job?

Now that you’ve taken the audit, below are the results for you to review. If you received anything but “Move-In Ready” then it’s time to consider making some website changes in order to improve your business branding.



0-7 Points

You are missing many of the key components that make up a good website design. These missing elements and details are costing you a lot of money. Remember, your website is the best advertising avenue you have and you have complete control over its success.

Cut your losses and consider redesigning your website if you are missing key things like a mobile design, your sections don’t adhere to a similar design style, your icons are not all the same style, you’re missing metadata, and the site is missing many of those key pages that are imperative for small businesses.

This time around you need to have a branding strategy, an understanding of your target audience, and work with a designer so you can have a professional and cohesive design aesthetic.


8-14 Points

Your website isn’t in bad shape!! Yes, you are missing some of the things every website should have, but your website is probably secure, your logo is likely in .png format, your colors and styles are relatively the same, and you have many of the pages your website should have.

Your website, like any fixer-upper home, just needs some upgrades. Your marketing manager or website designer just needs to make a few upgrades to style, remove some of those over-styled stock photos, and get rid of those flash animations. Then your copywriter needs to make your content a bit more clear and engaging for your target audience. When that’s all said and done, you’ll have a website that attracts your ideal client!


15-19 Points

Your website has all the bells and whistles it needs to function for your business. Maybe you missed a few details, but I bet you have proper website security, your fonts, headers, and design style is cohesive, and you are presenting a good user experience.

Your website is not perfect so you likely need to have an SEO specialist or your marketing manager help you adding metadata, and you may even need a website designer to help you add a new page template. Be sure to address the areas that need improvement, but know that your website isn’t the cause of your lack of sales (if that’s a concern).

You may need to look more into user experience and be sure that your checkout process and buttons are functioning if you’re having issues with website sales with your site looking as good as it does.

10 Tips to improve your website design

If your website audit resulted in "Complete Gut Job" or "Fixer Upper" then these 10 website design tips will get you one step closer to attracting your ideal client through your site.

Post Website Audit Action Plan

The time has come. Your website, built years ago on an outdated platform, is showing its age. You’re embarrassed to send clients there, it has out-of-date information, and nobody can find it on Google. And now you’ve taken an audit and not only does it look bad, but now it’s blatantly costing you money!

As you undertake this new website design project, there are certain features and functionalities you MUST have to make your website user and SEO-friendly. After all, this is an investment in your business, and you want to get it right this time around.

If your website design audit resulted in your website being considered either a “Complete Gut Job” or “Fixer Upper” then these 10 tips to improve your website design is just what you need to put an action plan in place with your marketing and design team.

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Website Design

  1. Create company branding guidelines
  2. Your website design should be cohesive
  3. There should be a mobile version of your website
  4. Use quality stock images or custom photos
  5. Make your navigation easy to find and use
  6. Include at least one call to action on every page
  7. Write copy that prioritizes benefits over self-promotion
  8. Create headlines that grab attention within 3 seconds
  9. Shamelessly share client testimonials or product reviews
  10. Secure your website if you want people to trust your business

Hopefully these 10 tips helped you think of some things to prioritize when you decide to work on your website design. If you want more details about each tip, read the full blog post here