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Whether you’ve decided to branch out on your own or you’re planning to launch a startup company, you’ll need a business website. Your website exists to introduce your company to future customers and clients, potential investors, and future employees. I know you’re busy with work, family and maybe even school which is why I have a streamlined process for getting your website from idea to launch! Keep scrolling to learn more! Even better, just throw a time on my calendar so we can talk about your business website design needs.

My Services

Stop worrying about how long it will take, and what platform is best for your business website, because I’m here to take care of that for you.

You can finally have a website that attracts your target audience and showcases your products and services in 6-8 weeks. Stop being frustrated with your old website not working, the designer who just didn’t get it, or trying to figure out the technical side of website design when you work with me.

Website Redesign

You know there’s nothing worse than having a business website that is outdated, lacks industry keywords, doesn’t work properly, and doesn’t attract clients (or attracts the clients that aren’t ideal). 

Website Design

Having an idea for the look and feel you want for your website isn’t enough, someone actually has to build the thing in WordPress or Shopify. You need to stand out from your competitors and stay true to your brand.

Wordpress Website Maintenance

Building a website is not a one and done ordeal. You have to add new content as it becomes available, add new pages, add and change keywords, and update content as your capabilities expand.

eCommerce Website Design

If you need to sell merchandise or services, then you’ll want a Shopify store or a WordPress website with WooCommerce built-in. All the security, payment gateways, and inventory management is included.

Website Redesign

Every small business owner understands the stress and urgency of getting a website launched when starting a new business. This is why the first version of your website is typically rushed, lacking proper search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, not generating leads, and doesn’t consider the buyer’s journey or user experience. It also rarely takes into consideration that there should be a cohesive brand and identity.

Now that your business is established, you can finally redesign your website the right way. I know you wear a lot of hats for your business so time is limited, which is why I have streamlined this process to launch your website within 8 weeks.

By the end of this website design project, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your brand proposition, you’ll stand out from your competitors, you can finally be proud of the look and functionality of your site, and your website will attract your target buyers.

Website Design

You may be planning on branching out on your own in your field, forming a startup technology company, or starting an eCommerce business. The only problem is you don’t have one of the first major marketing pieces you need–a website. Many new business owners make the mistake of trying to design a website on their own using Shopify or WordPress. They waste so much of their limited time watching Youtube tutorials, scouring forums, and sitting in on countless webinars to learn all about website design. 

Why are you adding more stress to your life, spending more time away from your family, and wearing yet another hat in your business? Here are the facts. Only 23% of small business websites get updated less than once per year. Shockingly, 70% of small business websites lack a call to action. This is why I encourage you to have your website designed and built by a professional like me. A professional website designer knows how to research your target audience, understands their buying journey, checks out your competition, knows SEO, and can streamline the website design process for you. I can knock out your website design and launch your site in 8 weeks!

eCommerce Website design

If you need to sell merchandise or services, then you’ll want a Shopify store or a WordPress website with WooCommerce built-in. An eCommerce website requires a lot of security, payment gateways, and inventory management is crucial. You should focus on selling rather than how to get your online shop up and running.

I design e-commerce websites that convert and are easy for your potential customers to navigate. With eCommerce websites, first impressions really do matter, so I make design and branding my first priority. Your e-commerce website will seamlessly integrate your inventory, shipping provider and invoicing software. In 10 weeks you’ll have a fully functioning website with all the essential tools that keep your business moving forward.

Website Maintenance

Building a website is not a one and done ordeal. You have to add new content as it becomes available, add and change keywords, and update content as your industry changes or your capabilities expand.

As a business owner, you can maintain your own website. However, website maintenance projects like adding more functionality, connecting with other platforms, or adding new pages, can be daunting tasks. I know you’re wearing many hats in your small business. I’m certain you don’t want to add “website editor” to your list of duties. Instead of risking making an error with your website design, allow me to help you maintain and update your existing WordPress website on an ad-hoc or monthly basis.

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If you’re looking for a website redesign with a new designer, then chances are you disliked something about working with your previous designer. Let’s not go down that road again. Let’s talk about your business, your design needs, and then I can send you a no-pressure project proposal.

On the other hand, if this is your first go-round with having a business website designed, then this is a great first step towards finally getting your website launched. This is just a conversation to see if we can work well together to create a website that generates leads for your business.

I know your time is limited so I’ve uploaded my Calendly booking application so you can pick a meeting time that works best for your schedule. I look forward to learning more about how I can help you better present your business to the world.

What the people think

  • Marcinea P. Avatar
    Marcinea P.
    Owner and Chef, Queen Churro

    Already Received a Return on My Investment! You are phenomenal. I can't say enough about what you've done for my business. I would have never been able to think of all that you supply. Website, menus, ads, social media [management]. Let's not talk about the step-by-step how to... You free up my time to do more and be more productive. I've already received the return on my investment.

    Jill P. Avatar
    Jill P.

    Latesha created a site that reflected who I am and how I work with clients I engaged Latesha to redesign my website and it was a pleasure working with her. She's very professional and easy to talk to about the design aspects of the site. Latesha took the time to explain the different steps along the way and created a site that reflected who I am and how I work with clients. She was a joy to collaborate with and I highly recommend her!

  • Cheli N. Avatar
    Cheli N.

    Upbeat personality, creativity, wealth of knowledge and attention to my ideas I worked with Latesha recently on updating my website and creating a new logo to represent my brand. What I enjoyed most about the experience was her upbeat personality, creativity, wealth of knowledge and attention to my ideas. The turn around was pretty quick too. Thank you Latesha!

    Courtney M. Avatar
    Courtney M.

    Helped Us Confidently and Quickly Pin Down Our New Design Latesha redesigned our company logo and I can't say enough good things about working with her. She listens well and understood very clearly what we were looking for. As such, she was able to provide us with a great assortment of options that helped us confidently and quickly pin down our new design. Latesha is prompt, professional, and easy to talk to, making something we'd otherwise been putting off incredibly easy. Thank you, Latesha!