Social Media Management FAQs

What Social Media Platforms Do You Manage?
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
What Tools Do You Use To Manage The Accounts

I use a few tools. For automation I use: 

  1. Tailwind
  2. Hootesuite
  3. Buffer

For analytics and engagement I use: 

  • Hootesuite
  • Iconosquare
What Do I Need To Provide To You?

You need to provide original images/videos for any categories that require that type of media (e.g. behind the scenes, images of you or your family/mate/business partner).

Will You Write My Copy?

Yes, I write the copy for social media posts. I get the information from your website, your product or service descriptions, and just based on your brand voice I’ll also come up with witty posts. 

How Often Will You Post to the Accounts?

At least once a day, and depending on the social media platform and your industry, I will post multiple times a day. For example, it would be outrageous for me to post 5 times per day on Instagram, but for Twitter, that is a normal amount of posts. 

How Are the Monthly Payments Managed?

You can be billed monthly or pay automatically via Paypal. Payments are due on the monthly anniversary date every month and must be paid before next month’s posts are scheduled. 

How Do You Get Access to the Accounts?

For Facebook and Instagram, you’ll give my business access through Facebook business manager. I’ll send you a tutorial on how to give me access to everything I need. 

For Pinterest, you’ll give my business Pinterest account access through your Pinterest business manager. 

For Twitter, you’ll give me access through tweetdeck which is managed by Twitter to allow you to grant permissions to marketing teams. 

Do You Also Manage Social Media Ads?

Yes, but only for Facebook and Instagram at the moment. You can grant my business access to manage social media ads via Facebook Business Manager. 

What If I Don't Have Social Media Accounts Yet?

That’s ok, I do offer a social media management startup package where I’ll register and set up your accounts for you including the banners if needed (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). Just ask me about this service when you sign up for the social media management package. 

Does Your Social Media Management Package Include Responding to People?

Yes, I will engage with followers, follow accounts that make sense and reply to all DMs and comments on your behalf unless directed otherwise.