Social Media Management

Social media is one of the best forms of advertisement for growing a business + should be a major part of your marketing strategy

That Brand Looks Good on You

Did you know in March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram post or ad? You know what that means!
Social Media is HUGE for growing a business and should be a major part of your marketing strategy
If you need a way to target leads, build your brand recognition, or you sell products then you need to get serious about your social media marketing strategy. I want to help your brand make a lasting first impression to stand above your competition with a cohesive brand and digital voice that will undeniably attract your target audience. With a professional style, a strategic content strategy, and hand-picked hashtags your social media accounts are sure to be one of the main sources of new customers.

How It Works

Social Media Management

It can be hard to constantly come up with daily social media content, so sometimes it helps to have someone do the research for you. When most businesses are starting their social media presence from scratch, it helps them to have a content plan to help build some momentum.


I research your target audience, your competitors, source some community images, select images amongst your existing database + curate images from stock photo databases and from sites like Pinterest, and find the relevant content and hashtags to grow your account + generate interest.


The example below is from my former client, SF Studioz, who needed to start a brand new Instagram account. After I came up with her branding and Instagram graphics, I came up with daily copy and loaded both into Tailwind for her for 30 days. In 30 days I grew her Instagram following from 0 to over 300 followers. All of the posts included not only a custom graphic or curated images, but it also included copy and 30 hashtags as approved by Instagram. 

The example below is from my current client, Like a Christian, who needed to start a brand new Instagram and Facebook account. After I mocked up some of his products from his e-commerce store and made custom quote graphics I started to come up with a regular cadence of posts. In the first week, his following on Facebook went from 0 to 89, and posts reached over 11,760 people. In addition, his website traffic went from single to double digits and he is so much closer to getting his 1st order on his brand new Shopify store that I designed for him. This is all with no existing brand recognition, lead database or customers!

Content Calendar- 8 business days

I can come up with a content calendar for the month within 8 business days that will provide a content overview and schedule for the month for each social media platform

Daily Engagement

I will commit to 1-hour of daily live social media activity per day to cover comments, DMs, and building your following using Hootsuite. 


I will commit to 2-hours per week for editing photos, designing creative, and scheduling the upcoming week’s posts on all social channels using Hootsuite.


Reports will be sent every week on Monday.


Monthly Social Media Management Plan



You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire that outlines your goals, keywords, values, + who you want to target


I’ll produce an outline of the content strategy including content categories, relevant hashtags + draft preliminary posts to narrow down your brand’s tone of voice


I’ll create a brand board so you can visualize the new look of your brand. I’ll ultimately also design up to 10 editable Photoshop or Canva templates and create Lightroom presets to keep images consistent


I’ll schedule posts in advance every week using Hootsuite


This package includes Facebook and Instagram, but I can manage additional networks including Twitter and Pinterest as an add-on service.

This is ideal for any business that has an owner or a small team that can’t dedicate time to social media management, who doesn’t have experience working with social media, or that can’t dedicate a salary to an onsite social media manager.


Total Monthly Investment: $1,600 USD


Recent Social Media Projects

Queen Churro

This project was for a new dessert food truck company in Atlanta. Since this was a new endeavor, it needed a new website that could later function for e-commerce and social media graphics. I am now managing her social media ads through Facebook and Instagram as well as growing her social following.

Like a Christian

This project was for a new company that planned to sell branded merchandise through an e-commerce store. We decided to use Shopify as their e-commerce platform. I not only designed the store, but I created all the product mockups. He needed to build a following and drive traffic so I now run his Facebook and Instagram + ads.

Mom & Daughter Chronicles

This project was for a travel blog I have with my mother. Since this was a new endeavor, we needed a full branding package that included a logo, color palette, accents, typography, and website. I also created Lightroom presets to keep images consistent. I post regularly for this brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter + Pinterest.

SF Studioz

Since this business owner was starting a brand new Instagram account she needed to build her following, and have consistent content posted on a daily basis. She requested my Instagram styling and 30-day content package. In 30 days I grew her account following from 0 to over 300 followers.

Real Hamn

Real Hamn is a cooking tool manufacturer. They needed Instagram styling content to help them grow their following and drive business. I created a brand aesthetic including fonts, color palette, and mood board. I also curated photos and created Instagram copy to cover them for 2 weeks. Click below to view the project.