Instagram Styling + Planning

Instagram is HUGE for growing a business + should be a major part of your marketing strategy

That Brand Looks Good on You

Did you know in March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram post or ad? You know what that means!
Instagram is HUGE for growing a business and should be a major part of your marketing strategy
If you need a way to target leads on Instagram, want to be an Instagram influencer, or you sell products then you need to get serious about your Instagram strategy. I want to help your brand make a lasting first impression to stand above your competition with a cohesive style that will undeniably attract your target audience. With a professional style, a strategic content strategy, and hand-picked hashtags your Instagram account is sure to be one of the main sources of new customers.

How It Works

Instagram Styling
If you want my Instagram Styling Services alone, then I can help you with that. This service includes a brand guide (alternate logos, color palette, accent styles, fonts, and mood board). From there I will create graphic templates for quotes, displaying products and services, Instagram stories templates, and curate images as a starting point for your new Instagram style.

Color Palette

The colors you use will dictate the feelings that are evoked from your target audience every time they see your brand. For example, using the color red could mean danger, passion, excitement or energy. 

If you haven’t figured out your color palette, I will be there to assist you in coming up with the best colors to represent your company.


It’s not always enough to just have standard colors you want to use for your brand. Having accent symbols, patterns, or styles will be a nice, simple touch that will really make your brand recognizable no matter where it appears.


What’s just as important as the colors you use has to be the font you use as well. It may not seem like much, after all it’s just the style of your words, but imagine a law firm that used the font comic sans. Who would be able to take them seriously? Don’t worry, I will give you free options of fonts to use as well as find unique fonts that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to license.

Logo Variations

Most companies that come to me for Instagram Styling + Planning services already have their main logo which is typically in a strictly vertical or horizontal format. Or in one color because they haven’t figured out their color palette.

That’s where I come it to help you convert your existing logo into something more condensed to be used when the longer version doesn’t work well with a design or to use your new color palette to serve as alternatives when you’re using your logo on different color backgrounds.

Mood Board

The mood board serves the purpose of inspiring you with the creative direction that your brand and vibe should take.

My approach to creating your mood board is using a mixture of curated photos that I find on Pinterest or Instagram, cool sayings or quotes, and images that you have copyright to. My main goal is to give you a photographic and graphic style that you can stick to whether it’s using only photos that contain images and graphics in your new color palette, only using 1 certain filter, or shooting from a consistent angle/perspective. The point with the mood board is to give you a style that is repeatable and recognizable to anyone.

Instagram Graphics

Once we have agreed on the new branding and aesthetic for your company, I will start creating custom graphics for you to use on Instagram. All my graphics are created with your brand and company in mind. I will create images, graphics, and style quotes that are relevant to your industry.

How It Works

Instagram Planning
It can be hard to constantly come up with daily Instagram content, so sometimes it helps to have someone do the research for you. When most people and businesses are starting their Instagram account from scratch, it helps them to have a content plan to help build some momentum.


I research your target audience, your competitors, source some community images, select images amongst your existing database + curate images from stock photo databases and from sites like Pinterest, and find the relevant hashtags to grow your account + generate interest.


The example below is from my former client, SF Studioz, who needed to start a brand new Instagram account. After I came up with her branding and Instagram graphics, I came up with daily copy and loaded both into Tailwind for her for 30 days. In 30 days I grew her Instagram following from 0 to over 300 followers. All of the posts included not only a custom graphic or curated images, but it also included copy and 30 hashtags as approved by Instagram. I no longer manage the postings for people, but I will create a content calendar with the exact copy and hashtags you’ll need to be using like the example below.

30-Day Instagram

Content + Visual Plan


You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire that outlines your goals, keywords, values, + who you want to target


I’ll produce an outline of the content strategy including content categories, relevant hashtags + draft posts


I’ll create a brand board so you can visualize the new look of your brand. I’ll also design up to 10 editable Photoshop or Canva templates


I’ll add your 30-day content plan to a calendar


I’ll provide a training video that shows you how to schedule your new content using Tailwind.

This is ideal for anyone who’s starting a new Instagram account, has less than 1000 followers, who doesn’t have the time or can’t seem to come up with content, or has seen their following growth plateau.

Total Investment: $400 USD


Recent Work

Let’s Talk 30

Let’s Talk 30 is a podcast that I do with my best friend. We needed full branding and social media graphics to help us grow our following and have a cohesive brand across all social media platforms. I created a full brand aesthetic including fonts, color palette, logos, mood board, and social media graphics. Click below to view the project.


Femaletrepreneur Society was a business that helped women grow their small businesses. They needed full branding, Instagram styling, and content to help them grow their business. I created a full brand including fonts, color palette, logos, mood board, website, collateral, and social media graphics. Click below to view the project.

Real Hamn

Real Hamn is a cooking tool manufacturer. They needed Instagram styling content to help them grow their following and drive business. I created a brand aesthetic including fonts, color palette, and mood board. I also curated photos and created Instagram copy to cover them for 2 weeks. Click below to view the project.