I started my online business just like you probably are right now. With a small budget, but big dreams. My budget limitations lead me to discovering all the economical options out there to help me run my business. This is a growing list, so for now I’m starting off by sharing the services I currently use.

As a bonus, I have special discount offers for a few of these resources! Click on the image or section title to visit the associated resource page.

Stock Photos & videos

If you’re like me you can’t afford to always purchase iStock or Shutterstock photos. That’s why I’ve compiled some of my favorite creative common, attribution-free sites for stock images and videos.

Domain name & hosts

There are so many domain name services and options out there it’s hard to decide which one to use. It’s really up to you, but why not save some money in the process? I have a few discounts to the major players.

email marketing

This is an important area of your online business. There are so many great options that you can use for free when you’re just starting. If you’re not doing email marketing, you are missing out on leads.

Having images for your business website, blog and social media is crucial for business. When you're first starting out it's imperative that you save money wherever you can. Thank goodness there's a bunch of stock imagery websites out there that allow both personal and commercial use of their images and videos for FREE! The list below are my favorites, but I did see this article with a total of 45 options.

Literally my favorite FREE stock imagery website. There's no attribution required under the CC0 license. Nothing. #YouAreWelcome

Oh, and they do videos too!

ISO Republic

I don't use this one often, but I can say that they have beautiful images that are free and able to be used for commercial purposes. You can subscribe to get notified when new images are out.

Death to Stock

This edgy stock photography website is a bit of a rebel (hence the name). I love the fact that I get a surprise email from them every month with the latest photo collection. Most are free, premium are worth the money.

All Free Download

Anytime I need a vector symbol, icon or graphic I check this free website. You must pay close attention to the license rules.

Vectors are usually available in .eps or .ai format.


Yet another fantastic stock photo website with all imagery falling under the CC0 license. You can even use them for commercial purposes!

Yes, they do have videos!


Most photos on PicJumbo are free, but there is an option to get premium quality photos at more affordable prices than Shutterstock. PicJumbo provides stock photos for professional and personal use.

Good Free Photos

This one is especially for my international friends out there. This great website has pictures from various countries as well as general stock photos that are listed in top categories. They have plenty of royalty free options.


Sometimes you'll have to purchase a license with one of the websites out there because the free stock image sites just don't have it all.

Shutterstock is my favorite paid stock photo website, because you can purchase a package of pictures vs. iStock which costs way more per image.

When starting your website on Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Tumbrl, or any other website hosting site, you will start off with a subdomain of their website. What that means is instead of www.mynewbusiness.com you'll have www.mynewbusiness.wordpress.com as your site address. You'd want to purchase your business domain name and pay for hosting to have access to, for example. www.mynewbusiness.com.

I've used many of the options below at one point or another. I have a lot of great discounts for most of them. Just click on any option for details.


Host Gator

I found HostGator's Wordpress hosting plan to have the most space. Most professional bloggers use Wordpress for their website, but the more custom functionality you want, the more it costs, especially when we're talking about hosting.

I have a special discount for 40% off which includes a FREE Wordpress site migration to the HostGator platfor


I'm not as familiar with iPage, but I saw that they offer so many giveaways that it was hard to resist putting them on the list. I have a special introductory offer of $1.99/mo for your website + security + marketing tools like a $100 Google Adwords credit and much more.


I will start by saying this is who I used for hosting when I self hosted my popular dating blog! I loved them. Bluehost is who Wordpress.org recommends if you are self hosting. Self host if you're trying to make money and don't want to pay the premiums WP charges for them being your host. My special discount offer comes with a FREE domain and 1-click Wordpress install for $3.95/mo!

Go Daddy

I am a creature of habit. And although I've hosted and purchased a domain name with 1&1 before, I typically purchase EVERYTHING I need from Go Daddy. They offer random freebies, they have easy Wordpress migration, and they have great customer service.

Their domains prices are comparable in the industry, and they give exponential discounts when you set up your domain on multi-year terms.


Planning on blogging and selling products? You need hosting and an e-commerce setup. 1&1 is one of the easiest platforms to host an online store with! My special link gets you 50% off and includes your domain, email address and online store.

Don't have a store, but want to save money on your domain name with 1&1? Here's a discount to get a .com for $0.99!

I have used most of these programs, so I felt compelled to recommend them as options. Most start off free until your business grows. Click on the image or name of the company to check out their website for more information.


I started using MailChimp while working at a startup company. Startups have limited budgets, but also need to represent themselves in the most professional capacity possible. That's why a quality service like MailChimp is a rare find. It's also why I use it for my email marketing now. Their free option covers up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Even if you end up needing to upgrade (yay!! growing business) you will not have to pay much per month. You pay per subscriber with them.

Constant Contact

Wow, I started using Constant Contact back in 2005! It was an innovative company back then since email lists were still a newer concept. Fast forward to 2017 and I have to use it for work. Its interface isn't as beautiful as MailChimp's, but it is very easy to use. They utilize a WYSIWYG interface, so I would say the flexibility of laying out your email is better than that of MailChimp. The pricing structure starts off free for 60 days without the need to add a credit card, but then you pay based on your email list size.

Get Response

I have not personally used this program, but it is now a front runner for me. Of all the platforms to use, Get Response is one of the only affordable email marketing programs with landing page hosting included. They have other amazing features such as marketing automation and webinar management!! I am very amazed by the full webinar management feature and am now considering a switch over to this program as my business grows. That feature comes with a more pricey plan, but is totally worth having everything you need in one place as your business grows and you become more busy.


Sendin Blue

I haven't personally used this one, but it has a free option which is awesome. SendInBlue is an email marketing platform that enables you to broaden your customer base with exceptional features. With SendInBlue, you can send 9,000 emails in a month on their free plan. Its qualitative features are contact management, campaign creation which includes the formation of a responsive email design, HTML editor, image hosting, email hosting and effective campaign tracking for your email marketing progress. The best part is you can add unlimited contacts!

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