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Pain Points: website didn’t have an upscale look and didn’t like branding

Tidied by K is a luxury home organization company serving the Atlanta area. Kenika’s business model is to help you reclaim your space in a way where functionality meets beauty. She wanted her branding to reflect luxury and be clean. She had DIY’d her website and gotten her logo designed using Fiverr, but her old branding wasn’t reflecting the clientele she was trying to attract or her new business direction. That’s why she reached out to me to create an upscale, cohesive brand that she could carry over to social media.

Website:  https://tidiedbyk.com/ 
Instagram: @tidiedbyk

Kenika from Tidied by K had originally used a Fiverr designer to design her logo. Then she incorporated her favorite colors which were yellow and black. As a new business, she was getting clients, but she wanted to do home organizing for luxury homes. She knew her existing branding wasn’t going to attract them.

She made it clear to me that she wanted her branding to be Marie Kondo-like. Clean, streamlined, and look upscale. Her Pinterest boards always used earth tones and light colors, so that is how I decided on color palette options. Based on her visual choices I knew a sans serif font was going to work best as a primary font, but to add some femininity, I chose a script font as a nice accent.

The ultimate deliverables for this project was a website design, logo package, and business cards.

When it came to the website, Kenika had DIY’d her website in WordPress using Elementor’s drag and drop builder. She did indeed create a functional website, but it just wasn’t translating to her new business goals.

We kept her website on the WordPress platform, but we opted for a template that gave her the upscale look she was really going for. It was important that I find a lot of images that went along with the end goal of attracting luxury clients, so lots of white space was important. The lesson Kenika learned is that a custom website would have been easier to maintain, but with some coding, I was able to get this beautiful template to work for her business.

What Did She Think? Well, I’ll Let Her Tell You!

Watch her video review below.