Queen Churro

Website Design | Branding

Pain Points: Doesn’t have a website, lacks time to manage social media, no existing branding

Queen Churro is a dessert food truck company based out of Atlanta, GA. This food truck is known for creating delicious churros every way possible. Since this was a new business, they needed a website to promote their products. They already had a logo designed and their vehicle was wrapped, but they lacked a website and menu to go with the new branding. 

Queen Churro already had a logo designed by a different person, so this client didn’t need a full brand package. However, she needed Instagram branding, because she knew her target audience would more than likely find her on there. She also needed a menu design that could be updated seasonally. 

For the social media and print branding, I wanted to make sure that I kept her target audience in mind. With her product being a specialty churro dessert, I knew her target audience was driven by emotion. How excited they were about an upcoming event, a live event, seeing their favorite band, celebrating a milestone, etc. So when it came to selecting imagery, I wanted to show images where people could imagine themselves. These images were incorporated in the branding of the business’s Instagram account.

When it came to the menu, I needed to create something that people could quickly look at from a food truck line and decide if they wanted that item (hence the food graphics), but also something that was simple to read and can easily change. That’s why I created it in InDesign.

The owner wanted me to be inspired by royalty, masquerades, and queens. The color palette included navy blue, silvers, white, and a hint of gold, so I kept that in mind when working on the website.

This was a new business, so we lacked original imagery of all the food items and of the various experiences. However, the client had a friend take images of the food, and I was able to source some background images to get us by. The main focus was the Queen Churro experience, so I was sure that the call to action and the header called that out. She wanted things to be dynamic, and energetic, so colors were our friend. This website was custom designed using Divi Builder in WordPress. I made sure that we had the option to add eCommerce functionality later on through WooCommerce.