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Pain Points: New company no branding, need resource for online promotion, quick photo editing

This project was for a brand new travel and lifestyle publication so I knew I wanted to use vivid colors to match the photography style. Since the brand was incorporating both lifestyle and travel, I didn’t want it to solely look like a travel blog (even though I gave options that leaned in that direction, just in case). Among their needs was a website, a quick way to edit photos with the same aesthetic, and a new logo that incorporated the lifestyle and travel focus.

I like to talk about this project like this is just any client, but I am one of the people this project was actually for. My mother and I started a publication to talk about our travels and lifestyle around Atlanta. We wanted to come up with branding that kind of conveyed all of the things we wanted to talk about like travel, shopping/fashion, and lifestyle. At the end of the day, we decided that simple would be better. 

When it came to sharing our brand, we knew social media would play a huge part in our target audience finding us. I immediately came up with pinterest pin designs that fit in with our new branding. More importantly, since this is a photo-heavy publication, I wanted all of our images to have the same feeling and aesthetic. That’s why I created a few Lightroom presets to edit the photos.

When a client needs a simple website with little to no maintenance, I always direct them to a hosted WordPress website. In this case, I knew my Mom wasn’t going to help with the website. I have a lot going on as well so I opted to use a WordPress template to create this basic 4-page website that has a blog, home, about, and contact page. There was no need for any eCommerce functionality, but it was very important that this site had enough power to host a lot of images.