Like a Christian

eCommerce Website Design | Instagram Branding

Pain Points: No time to manage social media, no website to promote goods

Like a Christian is a Christian Apparel and Merchandise company based out of the United States. The client had already had his trademark to use on merchandise, but needed a website and an order fulfillment company for his products. I worked with the client to decide between a Shopify store and a Squarespace e-commerce site (we went with Shopify). Lastly, I gave him a choice of the top warehousing and fulfillment companies including Printful and Printify (we went with Printful). 

Since my client didn’t actually have apparel designed and printed, he needed me to develop mockups of the products customers could purchase. Once we settled on the products he wanted to have available in his Shopify store, I created them in Printful.

The good thing about Printful is you can create mockups of the products you’ve added. I was able to select a variety of product layouts and models to display everything in a way that would appeal to shoppers. When they didn’t have a mockup that I needed for Instagram (for example, their models lacked diversity). I created some in Photoshop to use on Instagram. Part of branding and brand identity is the voice of the company. I created this voice for Like a Christian and kept that voice consistent on social media.

Like a Christian wanted to sell merchandise branded with their trademarked phrase, only problem is they didn’t have a place to see the products or a company to create the products. As a proud Shopify partner I was able to design his Shopify store, add his domain, add his products, and set everything up for him to run a functioning e-commerce store.

In the end, I transfered the store ownership to the owner. He didn’t have to worry about not having a drop shipper or warehousing company for his products, because I was happy to not only help him with that but also to integrate that company’s system into his new Shopify store. In this case I went with Printful for his merchandise. The cool thing about Printful and Shopify is that the catalogue easily integrated with Facebook. When it was time for me to create his social media ads I was able to allow people to shop directly from the ads using accurate store data.