Home harmony

Website Redesign | Branding | Logo Redesign

Pain Points: website lacks images, looks plain and unprofessional.

Home Harmony is a premier professional organizing company serving the New York City Metropolitan area and the East End of Long Island (Hamptons). Since their goal is to assist clients in creating a more organized, harmonious and serene environment, they wanted their branding to start reflecting those same intentions. That’s why the owner and her PR team reached out to Latesha Lynch Designs to step in and redesign her website and branding. 

Home Harmony had originally gotten a website and logo designed to get their business started, so it was all very simple, and very plain. There was nothing distinct about the branding, it essentially existed to represent the company as a required asset, rather than created as a true representation of the company or brand.

The owner gave me 4 keywords that she wanted the branding to convey:  Peaceful, quiet, calm, and cool (color). I kept these words in mind when selecting colors and images for this rebrand project. When it comes to fonts, she wanted something more contemporary and sophisticated to attract her target audience.

When my client wanted to modernize her website and switch CMS platforms, I was happy to redesign her website for her. When it came to the website, some of her painpoints of the old site was that it lacked imagery, looked basic, and looked unprofessional.

This website was a big brand refresh that included sourced images and a customized WordPress template. Now she has a website to send potential clients that truly reflects her brand.