A Very Lovely Wedding

Website Design | Branding | Logo Redesign

Pain Points: The primary website is a shop that didn’t have the aesthetic she wanted but she’s not ready to invest in that update.

A Very Lovely Wedding is a wedding planning and wedding supply company serving the Miami area. Nathalie has been planning weddings since she was a teenager, and has evolved her wedding supply company to a wedding consulting business. She had DIY’d her website and had an outdated logo that she really wanted to change. However, her shop website has been around so long and was going to be too much of an investment to redesign. She was ready to focus on wedding consulting, but her old branding just didn’t match the aesthetic she was going for in that business.

Nathalie from A Very Lovely Wedding had DIY’d her e-commerce website using Open Cart. However, with the severe limitations of the platform, there was no way to create the whimsical brand she wanted to have for her wedding planning business. In addition, her logo was outdated and no longer reflected her vision for her company.

When we spoke, she was unclear about exactly what she wanted other than to truly create a wedding planning site that felt as whimsical and airy as her favorite wedding style. I connected her with my favorite copywriter, and focused my energy on finding images that would fit her new vision. 

The ultimate deliverables for this project was a website design, logo package, and business cards.

When it came to the website, Nathalie had DIY’d her website in Open Cart, but beyond the home page and shop template, any subpage would have to be coded. Like old school HTML code. There were simple changes that she was unable to make do to Open Cart not being user friendly.

She also had a longstanding eCommerce store that she wasn’t ready to invest in redesigning, so the negotiation was to create a WordPress site for her wedding planning business using a subdomain. This would normally be a nightmare, but the two parts of her business are separate. The end result was a custom website design that she can easily. make updates to. 

What Did She Think? Well, I’ll Let Her Tell You!

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“When I started working with Latesha to Rebrand, I was immediately put at ease with the knowledge that I would end up with the perfect logo, website, and business cards. The fact that for every question she asked, I answered with a long convoluted story did not deter her at all and she was able to interpret them into the vision I had in my head. If you are thinking of rebranding do not look any further. Just schedule a consultation, you won’t regret it.”

-Nathalie D.