1:1 Mentorship Program 

Helping growing service providers and coaches create a premium-priced business model and a high-converting content strategy to market to a primed and ready-to-invest audience 

Did You Hear that Marketing with Authenticity & Integrity Was Back in Style?

Don’t let my short time as an online business owner fool you. I’ve been a marketing expert since 2006 and I’ve been creating brands since 2013.

What I will say since I’ve been running an online business is that there is more than enough faking it until you make it and deception to go around. We don’t need to add to that energy.

I want to help the business owners who are experts by professional trade (9-5) or education to build, who don’t want to hire a huge team, but want to learn to do it all with a lean team without burning out.

You have so many ideas, but you can’t figure out which coaching program to prioritize. You just need someone who knows what the hell they’re doing to tell you exactly the what and how so you can focus on doing it for your why. 

My 1:1 mentorship program was created because you need someone who isn’t going to help you create 50 new offers that have 100 moving parts that you have to learn to market and sell all the time.

No, you want to create 1 product suite that you can perfect and build a message around so that you are known far and white as THAT CHICK. The one to go to for what you specialize in.

You want dream clients to come looking for you and you want opportunities to be interviewed on all the podcasts, invitations to speak at all the best summits, and to guest coach for other top communities.

And you want to celebrate 5-figure months on the regular and without burning out.

Here’s How 1:1 Mentorship Works

Over 3-6-months we’re going to map your premium offer suite, redefine your brand, plan out your launch, price for profitability, create your collaboration, media, and PR hit list, define and plan your visibility strategy, identify lead & client management systems, and launch the hell out of your premium offers.

This is for the service provider or coach that’s ready to stand out, take action, and make a name for themself, and create their own lane in their industry.

3-Steps to Growth & Sustainability

Kickoff call  and marketing strategy
Marketing  & Content  Plan
Launch, refine, repeat

Ready to make some big moves?

All you have to do is fill out the application below I’ll take it from there!