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Welcome to my Instagram links page. If you’ve never met me, my name is Latesha Lynch and I’m a Hight-Ticket Brand & Organic Marketing coach for coaches and service providers.

I specialize in helping women build brand authority through video content visibility, profitable pricing for premium services, branding, and marketing signature services.

Everything I’ve been talking about over the past few weeks is linked below.

Revolutionary Brand

The Revolutionary Brand is a transformational coaching program for service-based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to build the brand authority and visibility needed to regularly attract and enroll high-value clients into their high-ticket programs & services without complicated marketing funnels or cold pitch sales strategies.

Booked & Banked Shop is Open

Booked & Banked Shop

The Booked & Banked™ Shop was created to give online service providers and coaches accessible, Ivy League quality marketing courses and resources that will help you attract and convert aligned, qualified leads for your high-ticket and premium offers.


A done-in-a-day premium service launch strategy for service providers and coaches who want a high-converting, repeatable, “I’m about to work with my dream clients,” launch plan.

1:1 Mentorship

Over 3-6-months we’re going to map your premium offer suite, redefine your brand, plan out your launches, price for profitability, create your collaboration, media, and PR hit list, define and plan your visibility strategy, identify lead & client management systems, and launch the hell out of your premium offers.

Shoutout Atlanta Featured Image

Shoutout Atlanta feature

I was recently featured in Shoutout Atlanta and I’m so excited to share the article with you. ShoutOut Atlanta conducts interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives, so I’m honored to be featured. 


Go From Anonymous to A-List in Your Industry.

Create the right content that positions you and your offer as the best choice to solve a big problem, and not just another option to be overlooked.

Revolutionary CEO Podcast

Welcome to The Revolutionary CEO podcast hosted by Latesha Lynch! This show was created to inspire female service-based entrepreneurs & coaches to build and leverage their brand authority to confidently sell their services and programs at a premium price. Listen and subscribe on iTunes.

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