I love social media + the power to use it to influence people. I want to help women harness that power + make a living from it.

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Stop watching other women getting paid to post to Instagram while they enjoy the freedom of doing the things they love like travel, spending time with their family, doing yoga, trying out new makeup, and all the other things you wish you could do...and DO IT YOURSELF! 


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There is no better place on my website to learn everything you need to start a successful online business than my Boss Blog. 

Need to figure out how to leverage social media to drive traffic to your website? Yep, in the blog!

Looking for lead generation tips? Yep, in the blog!

Wondering what the top blog hosting sites are? Uh-huh, in the blog!


I have a lot of insight to share with people who want to build their brand for their blog business.

Hi, I'm Latesha Lynch! I created this website to share all that I've learned while marketing over the past 13 years. I’ve done well for myself through blogging getting featured on TV and the radio.

I want to help you use blogging and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn to become the next social influencer. With my guides, tips, resources and access to training, I'll have any blogger on their way to having a successful online business.

Featured on the show, Atlanta Tech Edge

Featured on the show, Atlanta Tech Edge

Yes, You Can Start a Blog on Any Topic in 24 Hours

This is the no BS approach to starting a blog with 0 technical skills, 0 design skills and 0 budget. The ONLY thing that separates you from the current social influencers who are making money by reviewing their favorite travel destinations, beauty products, food and fashion is that they GOT STARTED.

This course is ideal for all the women who want to become the next social influencer, but don't think they have the time, they have 0 technical skills, feel it's IMPOSSIBLE to make money as a blogger, and have little to no money to invest up front.

In this course you’ll learn everything you need to go from blog enthusiast to blogger in 1 day!

Check out this promotional video below:

In this course you'll create:

  • Confidence and perspective that you CAN start a blog on ANY topic you choose with 0 technical skills, and LIMITED TIME
  • Focus on the IDEAL blog topic that you can build into a well oiled money-making machine
  • Clarity on the blogging platform that will be the easiest to use and scalable for your ultimate goals
  • Everything you need to create a fabulous website and develop your brand with 0 budget, no technical skills, and WITHOUT a graphic designer
  • All the marketing HOW TO to create addictive content, build your following and create an empire that major brands will be dying to work with
  • PLUS a community of fellow social influencers and aspiring female entrepreneurs (femaletrepreneurs) to cheer you on and hold you accountable on your journey

I started my online business just like you probably are right now. With a small budget, but big dreams. My budget limitations lead me to discovering all the economical options out there to help me run my business. This is a growing list, so for now I’m starting off by sharing the services I currently use.

As a bonus, I have special discount offers for a few of these resources! Click on the image or section title to visit the associated resource page.

Stock Photos & videos

If you’re like me you can’t afford to always purchase iStock or Shutterstock photos. That’s why I’ve compiled some of my favorite creative common, attribution-free sites for stock images and videos.

Domain name & hosts

There are so many domain name services and options out there it’s hard to decide which one to use. It’s really up to you, but why not save some money in the process? I have a few discounts to the major players.

email marketing

This is an important area of your online business. There are so many great options that you can use for free when you’re just starting. If you’re not doing email marketing, you are missing out on leads.


A blogtrepreneur [ blägtrəprəˈnər ]- A quick-witted, habitual friend-making, blog-starting, internal energy-producing, too creative to stick with one thing entrepreneur with a passion to help women transform into bosses by turning their blogs into online businesses

Synonyms: Apple product snob, middle name is perseverance, competitive, milk chocolate Milano cookie addict, dreamer, eternal optimist, trainer, graphic designer, HGTV watcher, Netflix binger, cocktail lover 

See also: African American, natural curly hair, 5'2" ball of energy

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