Confidently Attract Dream Clients in 30-Days Without Frustration and Overwhelm

    • Have you launched your new business, but your sales are few and far in between even though you have a great product or service?
    • Are you spending countless hours posting on all the social media platforms just to get like 19 likes and no business inquiries?
    • Are you great at producing your product or conducting your service, but bad at the marketing and branding stuff?
    • You know you need more professional branding and a marketing strategy, but you can’t afford the high price tag at this stage in your business?

    • Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with the sheer number of templates, Youtube videos, Instagram gurus, and Pinterest boards of the best branding looks and marketing techniques?

If that sounds like you then keep reading.

I know the catch-22 of needing to have a professional brand in place so you can attract the people who are WILLING to spend money on your products, but you’re not bringing in enough money to justify a professional designer or marketing consultant.

Unfortunately, WITHOUT professional branding in place, you’re stuck attracting people who try to haggle on price, or worse, you undercharge for your services.

You end up barely scraping by, and certainly not making a large enough profit to quit your full-time job or contribute financially to your household.

If I’m preaching to the choir then you’re going to be excited about the opportunity.

Not only will you be learning firsthand from a 14-year branding and marketing professional who will tell you the exact marketing techniques you need to do to sell to your dream customers. But you’ll also create a beautiful, professional brand on your own.own.

Hi, I’m Latesha, and I’ve Been Where You Are Now

When I started my business as a freelance graphic designer back in 2013, I assumed the money would role in because I had all my branding in place and I was a good designer. I posted twice a day on social media and even ran Facebook ads.

I booked a ton of consultations, but most people wanted to haggle on my prices that I had worked so hard to charge, so I knew something was wrong.

Despite being a professional designer, I hadn’t created a brand that reflected the true quality of my work. I was still using my college graphic design portfolio (hello amateur hour)!

I’m also embarrassed to say that I wasn’t using my then 7-year marketing background to come up with an actual marketing strategy to attract the right clients for my business.

I just didn’t realize how difficult it would be to make money as a business owner without a clear plan. 

When I sat down and really figured out who my dream client was, why they needed my service, what I needed to say, and where I needed to say it, my ENTIRE business changed! 

In the beginning, I 2x my prices, and ended up driving, even more, leads to my business. Not only that, but I was finally starting to make a little money.

I’ve come a long way from that newbie business owner. Since then I have 4x my prices and changed my service offering to fit the market need. I’m now booked out for months without spending a ton of money on ads or wasting time on social media. 

I know THIS is why you’re here. That’s why I’m here to share it all with you below…P.S. you don’t have to be a marketing professional or a designer.  

If you’re still here then I’m excited to introduce to you…

A self-paced brand and marketing course for the solopreneur who needs to attract higher-paying clients, and stop wasting time on marketing efforts that aren’t bringing in sales.


This self-paced DIY mastermind course will take you through the 4-major pillars of branding. Brand Strategy where you’ll come up with a concrete game plan that will deliver results. 

Visual Solutions where you’ll choose a new professional logo, a website template, fonts, colors, and an image style to upgrade your brand.

You’ll easily customize a professional website template with your new branding, content, and integrate it with your existing business apps. 

Finally, you’ll execute a custom marketing plan that will attract your dream clients and finally bring profit to your business.


This time you won’t be doing this alone. You’ll have a Facebook community of like-minded business owners who are going through the same process.

You’ll also be able to share your wins and struggles as business owners to we can work through them together.

Even better, you’ll have a professional designer who is one email away and ready to help you make final decisions.

  • Imagine finally having clarity and direction on exactly who you need to market your products or services to, and how to do it successfully

  • At the end of this process you’ll have a brand that looks professional and cohesive, it will attract the right buyers, and you will be proud to show it off! 

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MODULE 1: Coming Up with a Brand Strategy

  • Narrow down your dream clients. Finally have clarity about who these people are and what they need from you
  • Understand your target audience’s full buyer’s journey so you can close the sale at the right time
  • Create a brand voice you can use consistently in all your marketing
  • BONUS video- Learn how to assess your competition so you can crush them

MODULE 2: Let’s Put an Official Look to Your New Professional Brand

  • Create your brand aesthetic wishlist using Pinterest boards. Plus have an expert help you narrow down your design style
  • Choose from dozens of logo templates and I’ll add your company name to it. Plus you’ll get all the file types you need to share the logo anywhere.
  • Pick the fonts and colors that match your new look
  • Choose images that will attract your target audience. No camera require


Over 20

Logo Templates

to Choose From


As a part of module 2, you get to choose amongst over 20 beautiful logo template packages.

My team and I will customize them with your company information.

You’ll walk away with 3-4 logo variations to use in any situation.

MODULE 3: Design your Website with a Ready-Made Divi Template

  • Pick the right hosting plan that keeps your website running fast
  • Choose from over a dozen website templates, and customize it with your new branding. No I’m not talking about the WordPress templates that show you a beautiful mockup, but then your site doesn’t look anything like it in the end!
  • Learn about copywriting and layout so your website visitors will actually want to buy from you
  • Understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) so you can drive organic traffic to your business site
  • Add all the bells and whistles that will allow you to completely run your business from your website from start to sale

MODULE 4: Create a Marketing Engine so You Can Make a Profit

  • Master the basics of art of email marketing without any marketing skills using the easiest tool on the market
  • Discover the top reasons why you should be using email to market to potential clients. Hint, one of them is because your ROI for email marketing is 38 to one. In human speech, you get 38x the amount you invest in email marketing.
  • Learn the best techniques that sell on your dream client’s favorite social media application. Yes, it’s either Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram!
  • Manage your social media marketing even if you have no time
  • Blog ideas that are worth your time and will convert to sale


17 Professional

Website Templates

to Choose From


At the end of module 2, you get to choose amongst 17 completely done-for-you website templates.

You’ll use the template you chose in module 2 to customize on your own, with my guidance of course, with your new branding, content, and images.

You’ll walk away with a completely professional looking brand and a website you can manage on your own.

This Mastermind is ideal for small business owners who:

  • Are looking to grow their brand recognition, but their current branding isn’t cutting it
  • Want to increase their sales, but they know they need to improve their branding first
  • Are embarrassed by their current branding that they created just to get the business off the ground
  • Aren’t getting enough sales even though they are doing all the ads, blog posts and posting to social media regularly with little to no response
  • Have branding that doesn’t attract their ideal audience, but they can’t invest the $3000+ it costs to get it all done by a professional
  • Needs someone to give them direction on exactly what marketing and branding will work so they can stop wasting time on the things that don’t
  • Need to launch their business, but don’t know where to start with their branding or who to go to so they can get it done at a reasonable price that doesn’t compromise quality
  • Want to DIY their branding, but need it to look like a professional did it for them
  • Have zero design skills and who aren’t technologically savvy, but they aren’t ready to invest in professional branding or website design
  • Are tired of watching countless Youtube videos and piecing together information on their own to market their business

The Value Doesn’t Stop at Logos & Websites. Yes, There’s More!

Brand Guidelines Canva Template


Copywriting Workbook

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Ready to Enroll?

Select the plan that works best for you.

Payment Plan


3 Payments





One-Time Payment


Q: Is there a deadline for completing the course?

No, the course is self-paced and you have lifetime access. Get through it as quickly or slowly as you need to. 


Q: Will I have to design my own logo and website?

No, for the website you will simply be customizing an existing website template using the Divi for WordPress drag and drop builder. Don’t worry, you’ll have dozens of options that are completely built for you and waiting for your unique branding. 

I have dozens of logo templates for you to choose from. Pick one, and I’ll add your company name to it and send you all the files you’ll ever need to use it. 

Q: Is there a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your experience in the first 30-days, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Please read the full terms and agreement provided when you enroll for more details.