Creating an Inclusive Digital Brand & How to Recover Your Reputation When You Haven’t

Whether you’re ready to create a more inclusive brand, want to attract clients from a race other than your own, need to shift your branding to be more inclusive without losing your existing following, or you were called out last week for being tone deaf all along, this masterclass is for you.

Why This Masterclass?

Last week we saw some heavy hitters in the online coaching and influencer space being called out for the industry’s lack of diversity and inclusion of black entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are POC. Now that so many of us are more woke, it’s time we all create a more inclusive brand.

Monday, June 29

7:00-8:00 PM EST

Masterclass Investment: $99

Join me for this masterclass where I’ll give you the tools and best practices you need to create an inclusive brand that is authentic, maintains your existing aesthetic while diversifying your reach, and allows you to continue to sell without being insensitive to the BLM movement.

In This Masterclass, You can expect to learn:


✔️ Messaging triggers that are considered appropriation by black people and what you can use instead (P.S. you’ve probably used a few of these in recent email campaigns or posts)

✔️ How to shift your brand messaging to remain relevant and continue selling without being insensitive

✔️ Money biases that are stopping you from diversifying your marketing demographics

✔️ Changes you can make to your digital branding practices that will create an inclusive space without taking away from your established brand aesthetic

✔️ How to recover your brand reputation if you’ve been called out for being tone-deaf in today’s climate

✔️ Best practices for responding to being called out by POC for your posts on social media that will improve your lead interactions

You Have Questions, FAQs?

Below are the Answers.

Will there be a replay

Yes, if you cannot attend live, the replay will be available to access indefinitely. 

Is this a live masterclass or evergreen?

This masterclass will be live on June 29, and then any purchase made thereafter will be catching the evergreen replay. Don’t worry, if you have to catch the replay, you still get access to all resources and important Q&A feedback that you would have missed during the live recording. 

What's the Refund Policy?

I do not offer a refund for a live event. You will absolutely get value. You will absolutely be able to implement inclusive change into your branding. 

Is this relevant if I have a PR team?

Yes, many companies like Pepsi Co have large teams of lawyers, marketing managers, and PR managers, and yet somehow they got in trouble for using Kendall Jenner to represent the original Black Lives Matter movement. You should definitely still join!

What is the Investment?


Is It Ok If I Have Questions?

Absolutely. We all have questions. I’m going to open the floor up for dialogue and questions at the end. No question is stupid. I’m not going to shame you. I am a black person, so if you ever needed a black person to ask questions to about branding or marketing, please ask me!