High-Ticket Pricing & Brand Visibility Coaching Program 

Motivating and empowering early-stage entrepreneurs to transform their digital brand to attract high-ticket clients. 

A Branding & Marketing Coach That Gets You

Over the past 14 years, I have heard it all! I get the same questions, the same objections, same concerns. You often lack functional business systems, direction, and even time.

Because of that, everything you seem to do takes a more reactive approach rather than proactive. I know. Being a fresh business owner is not easy.

But, I am here to change all of that. I am sharing my passion for teaching and years of marketing experience with new business owners like you. 

Through my coaching services, I will guide you towards your entrepreneurial goals while establishing your brand and independence along the way.

If you're a Coach or Service Provider

Revolutionary Brand

Revolutionary Brand is a transformational coaching program for service-based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to build the brand visibility needed to regularly attract and enroll clients in their high-ticket programs & services without time-consuming marketing strategies or hacks or needing to be good at sales.