Running Your Solo Business Efficiently Starts Here

Just because you’re a solo business owner, doesn’t mean every business process should fall on you. There are systems that can work for you while you focus on what matters most. Making money. Now offering email marketing and customer management setup services.

Your Lack of Business Processes Is Causing You to Burn Out

Why You Need To Implement Systems & Automation Into Your Business

Every solo business owner has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how we spend those 24 hours that separates the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones. There are so many repeatable processes and tasks you must complete daily to run your business. Why not run those automatically, or at the very least, more efficiently?

There are 2 areas of business I recommend small business owners tackle first for automation:

  1. Lead and Client Management
  2. Email Marketing


Lead & Client Management

Lead management tasks like schedulers, lead capture forms, and questionnaires should be automatically running. Every time you allow these to be manual processes, you’re leaving money on the table. How many times have you forgotten to follow up with a lead, only to follow up too late or not at all? 

Client onboarding tasks like sending contracts, proposals, invoicing, and onboarding documents are another constant for business management. Investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like Dubsado can eliminate this manual task and save you hours of precious time in a year. 


Email Marketing

An email program should be a primary focus in your marketing plan. It’s one of the best marketing tools to get an ROI from, and the programs you use to manage email are affordable.

You should be automatically sending emails like welcome emails to new subscribers, lead nurturing campaigns to anyone who downloads a freebie or joins your waitlist, and sales campaigns during product or service launches.

Where Should We Begin?

Choose the service you want to implement

Dubsado Setup

One of the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for small business owners is Dubsado. Let me set up this system to automate your lead capture forms, consultation requests, questionnaires, invoicing, contracts and proposal process.

Flodesk Setup

One of the best and easy to understand email marketing platforms for small business owners is Flodesk. Having this system set up for you takes one item off your already full plate so you can just dive right into sending marketing emails from day one.