Stop Watching Social Influencers Making Money Online and Start Your Own Blog

Does this sound familiar?

I went to this great branding social event for women over the weekend. During the networking portion, I got into a long talk with this amazing woman who said she's been wanting to start a blog, but it sounded hard and doesn't seem like an avenue to make money. I asked why she felt that way and she said she wasn't familiar with what a blog even is or how to start one. She said it seemed like something that required a lot of time.

This is not the first time I heard someone say they didn't have the time for blogging or that they didn't realize you could monetize your blog. There are just so many outdated myths about blogging that I feel compelled to dispel them so people stop feeling so discouraged. 

So let's cut through the bullshit and put an end to the top 3 myths about blogging that stops people from starting a blog in the first place: 

MYTH 1: Blogging takes a lot of time and you must write a new blog post everyday

The assumption is that blogging takes a lot of time. I want to admit that there are valid reasons to post every day, but I reserve those reasons for news websites (celebrity and real news alike) and businesses (like corporations, not your freelance business). Otherwise, it's just not necessary. 

TRUTH 1: According to Forbes, it's best to write a new blog post 1-2 times per week.

How hard would it be for you to write 1 blog post over the course of 6 days and then on that 7th day, post it? Could you not find the time to do that? I'm thinking you could. 

When it comes to post length, this chart shows the ideal blog post length is 2,000-3,000 words or more get the most attention. 

MYTH 2: I need technical skills or a web designer to create a blog

There used to be two kinds of blogs... the ones where you can tell the person had no technical skills because it was just a plain, boring website with articles. Or the ones that required a lot of manual coding to make them look good. 

TRUTH 2: Blogging sites can do EVERYTHING for you

Sites like Tumblr, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress and Blogger have templates already designed and ready for you to add your personal touch to. They require 0 true technical skill. You just need to have an opinion about how you want things to look, the colors you want to use and the information you want to share. 


MYTH 3: You Can't Make Money as a Blogger

Back in the day, the way you made money as a blogger was to have ugly ads all over your website, and that was about it. Basically, if you were popular enough, people would pay to show an ad in the sidebar. People were so desperate for income that they would have 20 pictures lining the sides of their website and in the top bar. We've all seen these sites. Some still do it today. I'm not saying there's not a tasteful way to display ads or that you shouldn't sell ad space that shows ads related to what you talk about. It is GREAT income, BUT it's not consistent or reliable.

Then affiliate networks became a big deal and you could make money by linking to various products and services from your website. Those are still around and can make you a lot of money, but ONLY if you have a lot of traffic or followers. Otherwise, it is small pennies coming to your business. 

TRUTH 3: You Can Make a Living as a Blogger

Now there are a dozen great ways to make money by blogging. There are people who we call influencers, or social influencers who are making between $3,000-$5,000 per post and between $20,000-$100,000 per campaign...these are regular people who do things like fitness, yoga, talk about beauty products, their favorite clothes, their kids, you name it...and they are making BANK. And it all started with their blog. 

Check out this Forbes article if you need more proof that you can make money doing what you love and talking about it online in your blog and on your social media pages. Some of your favorite bloggers like Lilly Singh, Miranda Sings, Jennifer Selter, Zoe sugg, Huda Beauty, Alexa Chung Official Club or one of my faves from Man Repeller, Leandra Medine are on their list of top social influencers. 

These are the main reasons people never start a blog in the first place, but they are all just myths. You are limiting your earning potential and your options by not giving blogging a chance. 

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