6 Free Ways to Drive Organic Website Traffic

Are you wondering how to drive traffic to your website without paying a dime?

I want to start by saying, this article isn't revealing any brand new information. It WILL give you some ideas you haven't already thought of to drive organic traffic to your website. If you are just starting your businesses or website, keep on reading!

First, do you have Google Analytics installed on all your pages of your website? If not, it should be the first thing that you need to do (don't worry, it's FREE). Without a tracking tool in place, you are like a rudderless ship without any sense of direction. It is crucial to know what is working and what is not working, what needs to be improved and the traffic sources.

Secondly, search for the keywords that are driving traffic to your website. You will be surprised to see how many keywords that you didn't even think about bringing traffic to your site. Once you figure out which keywords are bringing traffic, the next step is to rank for similar keywords to get more traffic.

Did you know that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%?

Article directories are the best places to submit your written articles. By doing so, you will have a boatload of traffic to your website provided your articles are of quality stuff and offer good value. You will also have other people who will use your articles on their sites as well.

Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter,  etc. are gaining massive acceptance by million of users around the world and these channels are capable of sending lot of traffic to your target audience.

Video is hot right now. In fact, did you know that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%? Make videos that would evoke and engage your target audience. Upload them on YouTube, Tubemogul and a host of other sites to get a flood of traffic to your website.

There are just a million different ways you can drive traffic to your website. It is all dependent on you and how you prioritize them. As your business grows, spend more money on outsourcing tasks especially repetitive ones so that you can focus on more revenue generating activities.

Try these 6 tips below to drive organic traffic:

1.  Right Targeting Audience- Writing for the website must be aiming at the targeted audience and their queries. Those who provide a solution while writing online, quickly catch up with traffic and get better visibility on Search engine ranking pages. Writing website contents and copies keeping in mind what exactly audience is looking for is the right way. Through various proven and tested tools knowing popular queries of a wider audience is easier these days. Write aiming at the bull's eye and get your job gone.

2. Write with Authority Being Unique- Copies or content for online stuff must offer better users' experience. Moreover, the writer must have an authority on what he is writing. Authoritative and unique content attract masses if it includes high traffic keywords. Reputable websites and brands from all across the world have authority on the topics they are writing. Uniqueness comes up with the innovation of thinking and creative angles to catch up with the flow of the moment. Original content is a crucial ingredient for your website's traffic.

3. Get a Problem Solver Website- By offering solution through website, chances of getting huge traffic are likely. One needs to solve the problems or issues that the wider audience is going through. Addressing the problem of audience, if you can really provide them the right solution at hand, audience would stick your website while recommending your services to others. For instance, if your selling mobile applications, try informing and updating your audience regarding the up-coming trend, its costs and moreover its uses for them. They would be curious to read out your copies and this way you would earn huge amount of traffic.

4. Build Relationship with Related Websites- Diverting others traffic is an easy pick for many of the website owners. But, it sounds unethical altogether. The roadway in between is building a relationship with related sites and get noticed by the masses quickly. Once you can create a cordial relationship with brands that offers similar services like yours, it will improve traffic to your website.

5. Offer Freebies- Through websites; try offering something really worthy for them free of cost. It would help you in gaining their trust among others. Popular websites always come up with innovation ways to fix problems and offer solution absolutely free. It enhances their popularity by attracting more traffic to their websites.

6. Keep following- These tips sound easy and moreover less time-taking and creative. Many of the business owners forget to push their websites from time to time. Once they reach out to a considerable amount of audience, their efforts cease. But you must not imitate them. You must consistently follow these steps to improve traffic and enhance conversion rate on your website.

To gain better visibility, driving more traffic to your website is more than essential. Keywords have a great contribution in accomplishing your target. Here, you get the easy tips to increase traffic for your website and thereby enhance the conversion rate.