Hi, I’m Latesha

Brand Strategist. Designer. Energetic Podcast Lover.

I’m Latesha, founder of Latesha Lynch Designs and The Business Branding Academy. My love for designing is only a part of who I am. Whereas, cultivating organic client relationships to build your definitive brand — more so, one that resonates with your core audience — is the heart of what I do.

Behind the Design:
Latesha Lynch Neely

Hi, I’m Latesha, an Atlanta-transplant and lover of everything family, travel, and design.

Actually, in many ways, I am just like you. I, too, am a proud business owner. Thankfully, I credit my creatively analytical mindset, passion for design, and especially my mom — she is my biggest cheerleader– to get me to where I am today.

From earning my degree in 2013 to working with my first client … an author, whom I created a budget-friendly media kit through Publisher, it has been a long journey.

Since, I have achieved success by collaborating with business owners to create better brands. Although, these days I now have my laptop and toddler in tow.

Latesha Lynch Designs & You

Yes, there is branding. 

Yes, there is web design. 

Yes, there is strategy.

Still, at the core of Latesha Lynch Designs is you.

Whatever your struggle, time, vision, tech-intimidation, etc. rely on LL Designs to provide a clear voice, brand, and website to business owners who often go without. 

Not only will your new image reflect your identity and values; but, you will also witness the results. With LL designs, we will produce an intentional, impactful, innovative brand that moves the needle closer to your goals.

What To Expect

Simply put, the benefits far exceed the package offerings. You are certain to gain so much more, including:


Attention-to-Detail – Strategy and your client will be the foundational focus for everything we set out to do.

Clarity – A solid understanding of who you are and where you are going.

Collaboration and Teamwork – Our relationship will begin as strangers then organically grow into partners as we lean on one another to build the perfect brand. 

Confidence – Once the project is complete, you will be excited to share it with others.

Education – I take the time to teach you everything about the new brand and website, right down to the nitty-gritty.

Modern Creativity – Equally as important as your vision is having the research to back it up.

Open Communication -Tell me your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. As I am a listening ear interpreting your words into the design.

Organization – I make the branding and web design process easy by implementing structure from start to finish.

Surely, I can show you better than I can tell you.