I’m a lady with a Macbook, a head full of curls, a glass of sweet red wine + a dream to ensure business owners feel confident that they have a cohesive brand identity and voice that will attract their ideal clients and customers.

All About Latesha Lynch Designs

Latesha Lynch Designs exists so business owners can feel confident that they have a cohesive brand identity and voice that will attract their ideal clients and customers.

My name is Latesha Lynch and I started this freelance business back in 2013. In true millennial fashion, I work from home or wherever I feel inspired for that day. I live in Atlanta where it’s always hot, we don’t know how to drive when it snows or ices over, and we love to eat.

I am a highly qualified and innovative digital marketing professional armed with 14 years of broad B2B and B2C marketing and graphic design experience. I took all this broad experience and finally narrowed down my services to website design, branding + identity, and social media management.


My focus is on helping you achieve continuous, improved business performance. I believe that if given a clear strategy + a detailed plan combined with a design aesthetic that authentically + professionally represents your brand, then any hardworking business can be successful.

I like to work with small to medium-sized businesses + startups because I find that those clients really have a desire to truly discover their brand’s full potential and they’re willing to evolve.

My mission at Latesha Lynch Designs is conceptualizing, designing and producing business websites & brand identities with innovation, originality, and creativity. 

When it comes to social media management, my goal is to eliminate the burden of building a sincere and original social media presence.

Recent Projects

Queen Churro Website Design + Social Media

This project was for a new dessert food truck company in Atlanta. Since this was a new endeavor, it needed a new website that could later function for e-commerce and social media graphics. I am now managing her social media ads through Facebook and Instagram as well as growing her social following.

Like a Christian Shopify Store Website

This project was for a new company that planned to sell branded merchandise through an e-commerce store. We decided to use Shopify as their e-commerce platform. I not only designed the store, but I created all the product mockups. 

Let's Talk 30 Branding + Web Design

This project was for a podcast I have with my best friend. Since this was a new endeavor, we needed a full branding package which included a logo, color palette, accents, typography, and website. Since we were only planning to promote the podcast through social media, we needed graphics for each of our accounts which included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Cheli Experience Web Design + Branding

This project was for a vision board event company that was looking to rebrand the look of their website and logo. She had an existing website designed using Wix, so I did a complete redesign in her existing account. I also created new brand colors, designed a new logo, and business cards to match the new look and feel.

Mom & Daughter Chronicles Branding + Web Design

This project was for a travel blog I have with my mother. Since this was a new endeavor, we needed a full branding package that included a logo, color palette, accents, typography, and website. I also created Lightroom presets to keep images consistent.

What Others Are Saying…

Buckhead Pediatric Dentistry logo
Courtney M.

Helped Us Confidently and Quickly Pin Down Our New Design

Latesha redesigned our company logo and I can't say enough good things about working with her. She listens well and understood very clearly what we were looking for. As such, she was able to provide us with a great assortment of options that helped us confidently and quickly pin down our new design. Latesha is prompt, professional, and easy to talk to, making something we'd otherwise been putting off incredibly easy. Thank you, Latesha!

Marcinea P.
Owner and Chef / Queen Churro

Already Received a Return on My Investment!

You are phenomenal. I can't say enough about what you've done for my business. I would have never been able to think of all that you supply. Website, menus, ads, social media [management]. Let's not talk about the step-by-step how to... You free up my time to do more and be more productive. I've already received the return on my investment.

Cheli N.

Upbeat personality, creativity, wealth of knowledge and attention to my ideas

I worked with Latesha recently on updating my website and creating a new logo to represent my brand. What I enjoyed most about the experience was her upbeat personality, creativity, wealth of knowledge and attention to my ideas. The turn around was pretty quick too. Thank you Latesha!

Ahhamid A.
Owner / Real Hamn

Great Understanding of Social Media

Latesha has a great understanding of social media and created solid content for our Instagram account.

Greg A.
VP of Product Management / Pindrop Security

Every Event And Campaign She Drove Was a Success

I worked closely with Latesha at Pindrop Security where she ran our marketing programs and events. She did an outstanding job, worked on every detail and always added a special touch to set us apart. Every event and campaign she drove was a success. I highly recommend her.

Michelle H.

She Inspired Me to Finally Do What I’ve Always Wanted

I absolutely loved the course! I made my logo, created some pics, and picked my colors right after I completed the course. She was so helpful, informative, and made it simple for ANYONE to grasp. I'm so thankful for her and she basically inspired me to FINALLY do what I've always wanted; vlog and blog.

Angel R.

Feel More Confident Because of Her Course

This was a great course, simple, yet informative. I feel a bit more confident about starting my blog now.


I have been doing graphic design and marketing since 2004. I have a passion for social media which is why I run so many accounts. Having been previously featured in various media outlets, I continue to share my expertise in graphic design, marketing and social media, using my experience to uplift my clients to help them brand and grow their business.

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