Social media marketing has become a huge source of traffic for new brands, particularly those targeting the younger demographic. It’s rare to find a successful company that doesn’t engage with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But there is a social media channel that most people are under-estimating its marketing prowess, it is called Snapchat, the social media app that allows users to send limited-viewing-time, self-destructing video and picture messages.

It might not seem like an ideal platform for marketing, but the statistics might surprise you: Sumpto, a company focused on marketing to college-age individuals, did a study and found that 73% of college students would open a Snapchat from a familiar brand, and 45% would open one from an unknown brand. The app had 30 million users as of December, had surpassed the number of users on Instagram in the USA alone, and has growing usage abroad. Snapchat has some marketing prospects that must not be ignored.

73% of college students would open a Snapchat from a familiar brand, and 45% would open one from an unknown brand

The most interesting thing about Snapchat is the immediacy of the experience. While there are workarounds to save the images, there’s still a time limit on how long it will be in the app. As a marketer, you can add a sense of urgency to your messages. That way, users will know that they have to open messages from you shortly after they get them to avoid missing the freebies.

Keep in mind that many users use Snapchat for its high entertainment factor, so keep content as funny, quirky, or surprising as you can to keep users’ attention on your Snaps.

There are two kinds of businesses right now – those who are taking advantage of Snapchat before other companies find out they should be on it – and those who will wish they’d had the foresight to jump on Snapchat back in 2017.

Here are some marketing strategies you can use on Snapchat for growing your business.

1. Personalized Content

Offer excellent content that will make your fans feel appreciated. Give them content that makes them feel like a stakeholder of your brand. Your goal is to make users feel like they’ve got exclusive access to insider info. This develops emotional connections between them and you and your content. Offer them valuable nuggets of life and guidance. Doing this will build a relationship based on confidence and faith in your brand.

2. Games and Rewards

Appreciate your fans with gifts as it will enable them to be more loyal to your business. Games work wonders on SnapChat, and they’re easy to do. Your game can be as simple as naming a product, captioning a picture, taking snaps with your product and so forth.

Publicize your Snapchat contest via every social media channel of your brand, and ensure the gift is appropriate for the kind of clients you want to attract. Build anticipation for the event before the launch date.

You might even do something as simple as sharing a daily deal with your followers by giving them a unique Snapchat referral code. This option is suitable to increase awareness for your brand. You can track customer behavior by monitoring how many promo codes are redeemed.

3. Engage Fans in Your Story

There is no better way to engage your audience than asking for their opinions. It makes them feel special. For example, ask your brand fans to send a personal picture of them featuring your product. You can tell them to upload a picture that illustrates an answer to a question or allow them to create videos about why they love your product or how they relax at the end of the day or whatever is appropriate to your niche. Make sure you reply to your fans. You can do this either by responding in the chat feature or send back a photo of you thanking them. It pays to go the extra mile to make users feel special and a part of your community.

There is no better way to engage your audience than asking for their opinions. It makes them feel special.

4. Have a strong alliance with Brand Influencers

When you allow clients who have enjoyed your product/service to share their testimonies about your brand, you will create a real image for your brand that will attract prospective customers.

For example, let’s say your niche is gardening. You ask a master gardener to show off her garden and those of her neighbors using your account.

Or if your niche is relationships – you can let one of your clients tell the story of how you saved his marriage.

You’re a product of your imagination.

In conclusion, #Snapchat is a popular social media platform that is enjoying massive acceptance at the moment. You need to join to expose your business to a larger audience.

Find the simplified angle to your business and use that to help your followers achieve their goals and you’ll build brand loyalty, unlike anything you’ve gained on Facebook or Twitter.

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